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This was far and away the best programme I have ever attended.



Really pleased with the programme. Low on lecture, high on participation. Lots of good "real world" examples combined with opportunities to sort things out on my own. Thought-provoking and fun.



I was impressed by the overall structure of the course and how much I learned about myself and the other participants and by how a very diverse group of partners from different offices and practice areas became a coherent group of partners and friends over the three days.



The programme gave us time to evaluate ourselves, our firm and our individual partners and practice areas.  Our usual busy days leading and practising law do not give us this opportunity and our days get away from us.  It reminded me how important this really is.  It was a game changer. 



Sarah and Ali are constantly in an improvement mindset.  Always looking to make things count.



Ali and Sarah are easy and fun to work with.  They bring appropriate and fearless challenge. 



I found Ali’s talk very enlightening, not only to understand myself and the way I approached issues and challenges, but also to have an insight into how others see and react to challenges and situations.



I really have a much better understanding of myself as a result of Sarah’s leadership style sessions and coach Sarah is my guru!



I′ve had an exceedingly positive experience with Ali. Her approach, intellect, access to supporting resources, and work ethic have all contributed to a coach/mentor relationship that has gone well beyond my expectations.



Sarah understands lawyers and law firms very well; and it was this perspective that really helped in our work together.  She is also perceptive. She has a direct manner and is not afraid to challenge perceptions and ways of doing things/dealing with issues (having listened to the issues at hand) , to good effect.  Plus she has a very good sense of humour and is rewarding to work with.  The combination of these traits makes her challenging and helpful in pretty much equal measure.



Ali managed to gain my trust in a circumstance where I thought it would be impossible to do so. I have used this coaching experience as a spring board for the next phase of my life, both personal and professional. It was very enlightening and I had a number of subtle break throughs that will be with me for the rest of my life. I am very grateful for the experience and highly recommend Ali as a coach.



Sarah is incredibly effective and the fact that she has had a corporate career is immensely useful because she has been in a similar position to her clients. 



Ali was very thoughtful in providing insight and got straight to the issues. I found her inspiring.



Sarah focused on working with me on what was in my control, not what was out of my control. She asked very good probing questions. She didn’t lead me but enabled me to get there by myself, probing in the right direction. She always made me feel comfortable and easy. I didn’t feel judged in any way. It was very safe. She was empathetic but challenging too. She didn’t accept a cop out answer. She forced me on until we got to where I needed to get to. 



Ali is very infectious with her energy and insight.



Sarah helped me to develop my confidence and find my voice and see that I was as good as anyone else. The evidence of success is there for all to see.



I thought Ali was AMAZING.  So inspiring and a great speaker.



The greatest insight from my sessions with Sarah was the importance of empowering team members and delegating to them with clear boundaries and decision-making processes. She helped me to take a step up in my management style and gave me the tools to empower myself and thereby my team. 



"Sarah has a deep understanding of making coaching and leadership programmes work in law firms, with an authentic blend of professionalism, expertise and fun."