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We design and direct award-winning leadership and development programmes.   Our clients include some of the largest and most successful law firms in the world, and our programmes have won an FT Innovative Lawyers award and a Managing Partner Forum award.


We work in a truly collaborative way to develop a deep understanding of the firm’s culture and strategy and what needs to change in order to achieve greater success.  Our clients tell us that they particularly value our ability to listen fully, build trust, and quickly grasp what is necessary to create bespoke, transformational programmes that deliver change.


We collaborate closely with our clients to determine how best to deliver content. Some examples of the bespoke sessions are included here. We host some of our programmes at the firm’s locations, some are virtual, and some are a blend of the two.  For larger programmes, we work with the University of Oxford, Saïd Business School, drawing on an extensive network of faculty from around the globe. 

We help partners and senior executives to develop a collective understanding of what the strategy and vision means for each of them as leaders.  In a fun and highly engaging learning environment, we challenge leaders to consider how they can make their best contribution and what that will involve.  We help them to develop their self-awareness, introduce them to a range of leadership styles, and build strong and authentic connections with their colleagues. 


We ensure our sessions are varied to adapt to a wide range of learning styles, from highly experiential to professor-led.  We often draw upon a range of experts from the world of music, literature, theatre, mindfulness, and technology.  We work closely with our clients to build distributed leadership and disseminate the learning with workshops, mentoring, peer coaching and by one to one coaching with each participant to enhance their impact as role-models.

We work closely with our clients to increase the representation of successful women at partner and leadership levels.  We strongly believe in the importance of creating more diverse leadership groups to improve the health and success of organisations. Through a combination of bespoke sessions and coaching, we help create the conditions necessary to promote women. 


Our interactive sessions with women lawyers and executives explore how to be more intentional about career strategies, enhance confidence with colleagues and clients, build and leverage networks, and be positioned for successful promotion.  We help women discover how they can integrate their work and life to make it more sustainable and enjoyable for the long term.  Through coaching and panel discussions, we facilitate more skillful, coherent and purposeful support from sponsors, mentors and clients.

We work with newly promoted partner groups to be successful in the next phase of their professional lives.  Rooted in self-awareness, we help them reflect on what impact they want to have as partners.  We explore the complexities of leadership and transitioning into a more senior role.  We lead bespoke sessions that include: the producer/manager dilemma, difficult conversations, generative dialogue, meaningful feedback and flexing leadership styles.   We offer one-to-one confidential coaching which typically involves the use of psychometric instruments and 360-degree feedback.

"This programme has been transformative for me. It has enabled me to think about my role as a leader, what sort of leader I want to be, and where my strengths and weaknesses lie. This is the best course I have ever done at the firm."


"I have been blown away by the quality of the faculty you have been able to bring to bear on the programme, and by the grace and skill with which you have each managed the group."