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We work with our coaching clients to help them recognise and prioritise what they value most and what drives them.  We help them to develop insight, self-belief, flexibility and resilience. Our work is grounded in emotional intelligence. As our clients build their self-awareness, they create stronger and more enduring professional relationships internally and externally.  We help clients to recognise, appreciate and draw on their strengths and empower those they lead to do likewise. Our coaching clients tell us that we are insightful and challenging, that they value the confidential, objective and reflective space we create as well as the encouragement and energy we bring.  They most appreciate our deep and personal understanding of the rewarding, yet challenging environments in which they work.

We tailor all of our coaching programmes specifically to meet our clients’ needs. They usually last six to twelve months and start with a chemistry meeting, followed by a three-way discussion with the leader of the practice group or firm.  We spend time with our clients to ensure a good understanding of their values and priorities, then the overall coaching objectives are agreed in light of the firm’s objectives. We often use 360-degree feedback and psychometrics to increase awareness and improve impact.  Coaching sessions are usually monthly and about two hours each. They can be in person or virtual.  We wrap up with a review of successes, what has changed, what still needs to change and how things will be approached in future.  

We have worked with hundreds of women. We recognise the importance and urgency in increasing the success of women at higher levels. We coach women to develop clear career strategies and increase their confidence to implement them successfully. We support and encourage them to build and leverage relationships, harness their intrinsic motivation to succeed, be more proactive in developing their business, and learn to manage some of the behaviors that can hold women back.  We share coaching themes that emerge with the organisation’s leadership so they can address systemic structures that may be hindering the progress of women.

We believe that the value of the programmes we design is greatly enhanced by confidential one to one coaching. It increases and prolongs the programme’s impact by helping each individual to explore, apply and embed what they have learned in the classroom in the way that is most useful to them.  We use the models, resources and interactive experiences to turn insights into concrete action.  The enduring value of a programme is further increased by regular reviews with the leadership of the firm and their learning and development teams.  We share themes that emerge in coaching sessions to help inform the firm’s learning agenda. 

"Sarah really listens.  I was amazed at how well she grasped what was going on and guided me through focusing on the next steps."


"I really enjoyed our sessions and found them incredibly useful. Ali is an excellent listener, is empathetic and able to make intelligent and practical suggestions.  She just gets it; she gets me and she gets the firm!"